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5 Most Deadliest Roller Coasters in the World That You Won’t Believe Exists

Gravity Max, Taiwan


Known as Tilt Coaster or Cliffhanger, the ride in the Dangerous rollercoaster, Gravity max is unlike from the other best roller coasters ride. The thriller roller coaster offers thrill ride and must be the deadliest rollercoaster anyone will ever see. The dangerous rollercoaster that features the chain track down at 90 degrees. Gravity max has two trains and six cars per train.  The deadliest roller coasters ride is presently running at Discovery world in Lihpao Land. The Gravity max is a first tilt roller coaster in the world. Its dropping point where the people are held straight up before the downward release makes Gravity Max so freaky, unique and dangerous roller coasters of all time.

Kingda Ka, USA


This fastest and tallest rollercoaster in America was opened in 2005, Kingda said as the deadliest roller. Situated in the Six Flag Adventure Park, it is built up 456 ft high at the accelerating speed of 128 mph in 3.5 sec. The U shaped track, Kingda is intended as one of the world’s most dangerous roller coasters. The immediate fall and twist of the deadliest roller coaster ride make it the most frightened and terrifying. The massive attraction in New Jersey, US may give you a short ride however, it has a dread of its own kind.

deadliest roller coasters

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Full Throttle, USA


Full throttle, a steel launched roller coaster is believed to have vertical loops at 160 ft, the tallest in the world.  Taking you at the speed of 70 mph, the extreme ride starts by taking a full round on the loop to the tunnel which then followed through a dark tunnel. It then moved backward out of the tunnel and moderately up the dive loop. Once it drops its momentum, the train goes again into the tunnel & then take the high G turn to the left. The intense ride from the hill to the brake run before entering 180-degree turn put together as the dangerous roller coasters ride on the planet.


Takabusha, Japan


The world’s steepest rollercoaster attractions, Takabusha in Japan is 141 feet tall with a drop angle of 121 degrees. The ride traveling with the speed of 62 mph experiencing seven loops hints it as the world’s most dangerous roller coasters. Takabisha is translated as dominant in English as the combination of gravity & set of linear motors. It is the most dangerous roller coasters that thrills the seekers to ride in the terrifying Takabusha. The roller coaster ride, Takabisha is situated at Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Fujiyoshida. The rider experience lightness in weight when they dive down the sharp incline, before later being plunged into the dark.

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Top Thrill Dragster, USA

Top Thrill Dragster

The ride on one of the most dangerous roller coasters and 420 feet Top Thrill Dragster is very thrilling. After its introduction, it was the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the world. The height, speed, and its insane acceleration make it very thrilling and dangerous rollercoasters for the ride. It is actually a single mote blast of speed metal. The Top Thrill Dragster easily makes it in the list of the dangerous roller coasters.

deadliest roller coaster


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